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Plumeria (also known as frangipani) grow to be large flowering trees in the tropics. The blooms are beautiful and have an intoxicating fragrance. Plumeria are very adaptable. During their growth season, your plant will require lots of sun, water and fertilizer to thrive. When your plumeria gets at least six hours of full sun per day, it will delight you with lots of sweet smelling, beautiful blooms. This plant feeds heavily and will grow and bloom vigorously if you give it plenty of its favorite fertilizer. Plumeria also love water, but they can’t stand to have wet roots. Be sure and plant your cutting in fast draining soil or make sure it has adequate drainage. Plumerias love full sun. When watering your Plumeria just use common since. If the dirt is dry give the plant some water. If the dirt is moist, skip the water this time and wait until tomorrow. The most important thing to remember with plumeria is they don’t like ‘wet feet’, don’t let the soil become soggy.