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Plumbago - Blue

Plumbago has beautiful sky-blue or white flowers. It blooms intermittently through the summer, but profusely in late summer and fall. It’s shiny green leaves form a graceful shrubby mound, but it can also be pruned to spill over a wall or up a support. Plumbago likes a light, sandy soil with good drainage. It will do well either in full sun or partial shade, but flowering will not be as profuse in the shade. Plumbago can be pruned into a formal or informal hedge, and it’s graceful arching habit makes an attractive but rather tall ground cover in the more temperate zones. It can also be considered for use in shade gardens, rock gardens, container gardens, or as a mid-border plant. It can reach 8 feet or more in temperate areas, and as such can be used as a flowering climber. Once it is up sufficiently in the spring, cut it back so that it will produce new branches and thus, more blooms.