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Orchid - Radican Yellow

Epidendrum radicans are terrestrial orchids desirable for their ease of growth and attractive clusters of small, delicate flowers. They are part of a small group of reed-stemmed, soil-based orchids. The flowers are native to tropical America and will grow outdoors in similar environments, or indoors in containers. Epidendrum radicans orchids grow on long, thin stems that sometimes trail along the ground. The stems are lined with slender, alternate leaves. Each pastel-hued flower is about an inch long. If given proper care, these orchids will bloom periodically all year long. All reed-stem orchids are warmth-loving plants They can handle brief periods of near-freezing temperatures but the plants grow best in warm temps. Epidendrum radicans are heavy feeders. Fertilize at least once a month with a water-soluble fertilizer.