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Palm - Foxtail

The Foxtail Palm’s green inflorescence is borne on a thick stem emerging from the crown shaft. The oval shaped fruits, which emerge from the creamy green bloom, turn orange red at maturity forming an attractive display. Fruits are large (1.25″ x 2.25″) and produce the palm seed. The Foxtail Palm is very durable and adaptable to many environments. With a very deep root system the Foxtail can withstand a great variance in water and temperature. It is moderately salt tolerant and grows well in a variety of soils but good drainage is a must. It loves sun, even at an early age. It can tolerate light frost and does well in temperate to tropical climates. Prolonged hot dry winds can cause damage to the fronds. The root system allows planting near walkways or structures. A fast grower – the Foxtail can grow as much as three feet per year.