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Palm - Bottle

The Bottle Palm Tree is one of the most desired palms in Florida. Many consider bottle palm to be a dwarf palm. This palm is easy to grow and maintain. It got its name from the bottle shaped trunk. It has a single, trunk, about 2ft in diameter with ring scars and green crownshaft at the top. The Bottle Palm has a small crown of 4-6 4 to 8 pinnate, or feather-like, leaves that can grow up to 10ft. The Bottle Palm produces beautiful white flowers that are held by 30 in. stalks coming from below the crownshaft. Flowers are followed by green black berry like fruits that turn black when ripe. This is a slow growing palm that can get up to 10 – 20 ft tall and 10 – 15 ft wide, but usually is much shorter around 10ft.