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Bromeliad - Sun

Bromeliads tolerate a wide range of light intensities, including low light, for long periods without ill effects. The plants, however, will look better when they receive proper light. Although optimum light levels vary considerably, the following characteristics are helpful in selecting a spot for a particular plant. Generally bromeliad species with hard, thick, gray, gray-green or fuzzy foliage withstand the highest light levels, while species with soft, green, thin leaves grow best under lower light levels. The majority of bromeliads are tropical or subtropical and thrive outdoors in Florida’s high summer temperatures. Many tolerate temperatures in excess of 100°F. Bromeliads native to Florida tolerate temperatures slightly below freezing for short periods. Bromeliads are extremely tolerant of low-moisture conditions and will survive prolonged periods of drought. Most of the problems encountered with bromeliads are usually associated with rot caused by over watering.